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B-Cool Pro by Shali Lord 200mg 80cc

B-Cool Pro by Shali Lord 200mg 80cc

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B-Cool Pro is an innovative equine paste that was developed for pre-race use with the help of 2 time NFR Qualifier, Shali Lord. B-Cool Pro by Shali Lord was formulated with equine athletes in mind. Made with broad-spectrum hemp extract [water-soluble] with naturally occurring CBD, Vitamin B1, and Suntheanine (L- Theanine); This paste is sure to offer the competitive edge you desire.

Each 80cc dial-a-dose syringe has 4 (20cc) servings.

Product Facts:

For Equine Use Only

Recommended for Support:

  • Managing Normal Stress
  • Promoting a Calming Effect
  • Maintaining Normal and Balanced Behavior
  • To Maintain a Normal Inflammatory Response