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About Us


I decided a a few years ago, back in 2019 just after my mare had her first foal and after having a pretty significant injury, That I would research anything and everything to help rehab my mare and bring her back to her barrel racing career as safely and soundly as possible. Shortly after starting this simple task of ensuring I did everything in the best interest of my mare, it came to my attention that I felt like I was getting everything from different places. I thought:

"Man this would be awesome if I could get all this in one place."

Soon after that thought crossed my mind I woke up one morning with this crazy idea of allowing my not so tech savvy self make my own online store and combine all the products I use to rehab and keep my horses feeling their best. I thought I was really crazy for thinking that I could do this. I prayed about it and started researching more products that I would be willing to try and use myself. What I have found I got excited to share, which told me maybe this idea was not so crazy. So, with the support of my just as crazy as me boyfriend and my family, this journey began. 

The name Turquoise Arrow has come to be a part of my brand. The arrow is used in my farm brand because the arrow is a symbol of strength and courage and has become my personal reminder to go forward with any task at hand with that strength and courage it takes for the arrow to fly. The turquoise part of it, is due to the healing properties that the stone itself carries. It is to bring protection and good fortune, so it seemed fitting to combine the two meaning and create the "Turquoise Arrow LLC."